The Secret to Easier Housetraining

Housetraining is work, but you can work smarter, not harder, with a Puppy Pouch!  I wore this almost constantly during the day when Sparkle and Shine stayed with us in October.  It held:

·         Poop bags.  One of the puppies liked to eat poop so it was important to get it cleaned up right away.  Plus, then I didn’t have to worry about stepping in it later!

·         A baggie full of treats.  It’s important to reward your puppy for toileting in the right place so they understand where you want them to go.  Verbal praise and petting can communicate your pleasure, but using treats will make the process go faster.  Having the baggie of treats in my puppy pouch made this so easy!  When they finished toileting, I verbally praised while reaching in to the bag to get their reward.

·         My cell phone.  Not for chatting with my friends or scrolling Facebook during toilet breaks!  Instead, I used the timer feature to make sure I didn’t lose track of time in between trips outside.  I also used the built in flashlight to find and clean up poop during trips in the dark.


These tools will help you if they're within arms reach!