Did you know that your dog needs frequent nail trims like you do?
Here are 7 Nail Basics:

#1 When your dog’s nails are too long, it’s uncomfortable and potentially painful for him to walk. 

#2 If you can hear your dog's nails ticking as he walks on the concrete or other solid surface flooring, they’re too long.

#3 As the dog’s nail grows out, so does the blood vessel that feeds the nail and keeps it alive.

#4 Clipping into the blood vessel (commonly called the “quick”) is very painful for the dog and causes blood to ooze from the end of the nail.  Cutting the quick causes future nail trim anxiety for both the dog and the person.

#5 With training, pedicures can be fun for the dogs and the humans!  Check out this awesome video guide.  It’s a slow and steady process, so no one has to do anything scary!

#6 If your dog’s nails and quicks have gotten too long, two to three mini-pedicure sessions a week will fix the problem.  Mini-sessions encourage the quick to recede so the nails can be trimmed to a healthy length without cutting the blood vessel.  If left alone, both the nails and the quick will continue to grow. 

#7 Once the length is healthy, once a week pedicures will keep them that way!

I can help you make it a pleasant experience!  Contact me to talk about your dog’s nail needs.