Puppy Training in Round Rock


Koinonia Puppy Training gives you professional help for the puppy phase:

  • Reduce teeth marks--on skin and furniture!

  • Stop bad behaviors from turning into bad habits.

  • Minimize the kids-and-puppy chaos.

  • Prevent fear and aggression.

How Does it Work?

  • A professional dog trainer comes to your home to provide help right where you need it.

  • Puppy programs include solutions for puppy problems, guidance for appropriate socialization, and an introduction to basic obedience. Most programs run 4 to 8 sessions.

  • Each sixty minute session includes demonstration, troubleshooting and hands-on practice to ensure you’re comfortable with the techniques.

  • Sessions are $65 each. Discount offered for Programs.

  • All Programs include free video call check-ups at three and sixth months after program completion to check progress and help with any troubleshooting.

Getting Started

Start with an in-home Initial Consultation. Discuss your puppy with a professional trainer and receive a personalized training recommendation to reach your goals. This meeting includes an introductory training session. The first full training session is typically scheduled at the close of the Consult. Cost is $75.00.


*If your dog is 6 months or older, we'll see you over at Adult Dog Training!