Puppy Training Solutions in Round Rock, TX


Puppies are adorable, but bringing one home can be overwhelming!

  • “How do I stop the biting?”

  • “He toilets outside and then goes inside again right away!“

  • “He’s barks and cries in the crate.”

  • “She’s chewing EVERYTHING!”

  • “She’s jumping all over us.”

Koinonia’s comprehensive in-home puppy training program is ideal for addressing common puppy problems while building a foundation for a well-behaved adult dog through safe socialization and essential obedience.

“Leighann offers practical tips, demonstrates techniques, and is always willing to respond to texts/emails about puppy questions/concerns. We loved working with her and I highly recommend Leighann!” —Ariana V. and Leon

How Does it Work?

A certified trainer visits your home weekly to coach you and your puppy to success using positive reinforcement techniques.

  • Start with a ninety-minute Introductory Training session to review your puppy’s problems and your goals. You’ll receive a package recommendation and begin some basic training. This meeting is $125.00.

  • Training sessions to follow are sixty minutes each. Learn to stop bad behavior and communicate in a way your puppy understands while getting personalized help for socialization, house manners, and essential obedience.
    These sessions are $90.00 each.

  • Most packages run four to six sessions, and include phone or video call check-ups at three and six months post completion.

Looking for something more intensive?

Puppies are also eligible for Board and Train at Koinonia. Your pup can spend two weeks with a trainer learning valuable life skills (like crate training and house-training) and essential basic obedience. Check out the Board and Train page for more info.