Frequently Asked Questions: In-Home Training

What is "KOINONIA"? Koinonia (koi-no-nee-uh) comes from the Greek word for fellowship.  I believe a dog's quality of life is at its best when he gets to spend as much time with his family as possible.  Through training, I strive to create this togetherness.

What training methods do you use?  Koinonia supports and practices positive reinforcement, reward-based training techniques. This means:
1) We use the dog's desires to motivate him.
2) We prioritize a healthy human-canine relationship that develops trust and enjoyment in both parties.
3) We strive to create happy, confident dogs that enjoy being around us and love doing what we ask.
4) We look for things we can reward the dog for instead of things we can correct him for.
5) We strive to tell him, "You're Right!" much, much more often than, "You're Wrong."
6) We structure training sessions so he can win.
7) We manage his environment so he is able to make good choices.
8) We see every interaction as an opportunity to teach.
9) We do not use training/chain, prong, or electronic collars.
10) We do not use techniques that rely on force, intimidation, or fear.

Where are training sessions held?  Training sessions are held in and around the client's home.  This environment sets both human and dog up for the greatest success.

Will you travel to me?  Service area includes: Round Rock, Austin, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and parts of Georgetown.  Zip codes include: 78729, 78613, 78717, 78681, 78664, 78727, 78758, 78759, 78703, 78752, 78723, 78753, 78660, 78641.  Travel up to 15 miles from our home base is complimentary; after that is $1.00 per mile, per session.  

I have kids, can they participate in training?  Absolutely!  Training should be a family project and it's important for everyone to be on the same page.  If your children are younger than high school aged, I tailor the first few minutes of each session so they can participate.

I have more than one dog.  How much does that cost?  Rates are fixed regardless of how many dogs you have.  If you have multiple dogs that need training, the session will be split between them.  

What forms of payment do you accept?  Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted.