Frequently Asked Questions

In-Home Dog Training

What is "KOINONIA"? Koinonia (koi-no-nee-uh) comes from the Greek word for fellowship.  Koinonia Training and Boarding wants to help dogs and families enjoy more of life together.

What kind of training do you do? Most clients come to Koinonia needing help with a problem—jumping, leash pulling, barking at other dogs, puppy biting, not listening, etc.

What training methods do you use?  Positive-reinforcement, reward-based techniques for living and learning are used at Koinonia. Shock, prong, or chain collars and punishment-based techniques are not used.

Where’s your facility located?  Training sessions take place in and around your home. A familiar environment is usually the easiest place for you and your dog to begin learning!
Board and Train operates out of Leighann’s home in far northwest Austin.

I have more than one dog.  How much does that cost?  Depending on the problems, multi-dog sessions may be increased to 75 minutes for $112.50 each.

What areas of town do you service?  Round Rock, Austin, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Jollyville. Travel is complimentary up to 15 miles; after that is $1.00 per mile, per session.  

Can my kids participate?  Absolutely!  Training works best when everyone is on the same page. The first few minutes of the session can be tailored to kid-friendly activities.

How can I pay?  Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted.