3 Follow-Worthy Dog Pages on Facebook


With the overwhelming number opinions available nowadays via the internet, it can be hard to know which sources are providing credible, helpful information. Here are my favorite pages to follow on Facebook.

4Paws University is run by trainer Lisa Mullinax from Sacramento, California. Lisa does an extraordinary job educating non-trainers. Great content portrayed in a fun, engaging way!

Incredimal--Nando Brown and Fizz is run by trainer Nando Brown in the UK. I love what Nando is doing to dismantle the myths about training "high-drive" (i.e. Malinois, Shepherds, etc.) dogs with his own Malinois Fizz. If you like powerful dogs and dog sports, this is the page to watch.

Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant run by trainer John McGuigan out of Glasgow, Scotland. John does a phenomenal job calmly talking about some of the hot-button topics in dog training. Love his videos and explanations.