Dog Training Solutions in Round Rock, Texas

For many Koinonia clients, their dog is wonderful companion most of the time—there are just a few irritating problems they can’t seem to work through.

  • “He’s a good boy, he just gets so excited when someone comes over.”

  • “I really want to walk with her, but she pulls so hard and chokes herself.”

  • “She’s really sweet except when she sees another dog…it’s so embarrassing.”

  • “He knows what he’s supposed to do, but he’s stubborn and won’t listen.”

Koinonia’s customized training program creates dogs who choose good behavior even around distractions!

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“I’d definitely recommend anyone who wants to build a strong relationship with their dog to try Koinonia Training!!!” —Chelsea L. with Stella

How Does it Work?

A certified trainer visits your home weekly to deliver solutions right where you need them:

  • Each sixty minute session includes demonstration, troubleshooting and hands-on practice to ensure you’re comfortable with the techniques.

  • Free video call check-ups at three and sixth months

  • Sessions are $90.00 each. Programs are custom designed and usually run four to six sessions.

Get Started

Start with a ninety-minute Introductory Training session. Discuss your problems and goals with a certified trainer and receive some tips and exercises to start right away. Cost is $125.00.
The first full training session is typically scheduled at the close of this session.

**If your puppy is 8-24 weeks old, check out our Puppy Program