Put an End to Barking, Lunging, and Growling

Walking a reactive dog ranges from embarrassing to downright impossible, but your dog can change!

Reactivity Reset is Koinonia’s premier program for helping reactive dogs and their families enjoy a calmer, confident, more controlled life.


Structured for Ultimate, Long-Term Success

The Reactivity Reset program has two parts:

  • Two weeks of board and train give your dog intensive training with a professional dog trainer to jump-start behavior change.

  • Four private, follow-up sessions in your home and neighborhood promote good manners that last.

The Reactivity Reset is $138 per night and includes all necessary equipment.


For dogs to participate in the Reactivity Reset, we require the following:

  • Dogs must have prior, positive crating experience

  • Dogs must be up to date on internal or topical flea/tick prevention

  • If your dog is intact and over the age of 6 months old, please contact Koinonia to discuss

If your dog does not meet the above criteria, please contact us for additional options for getting his behavior corrected!

***Space is limited. We offer 8-9 spots per year for Reactivity Reset so each dog receives individual attention***