Partnership Program

What is the Partnership Program?
The Partnership Program is a supplemental service that combines two Tutoring sessions with one Training session per week to make training easier for the family. 

Why does it work?
This set-up gives the dog several practice sessions with a professional prior to trying new behaviors with his family. It often means the dog catches on faster with his family since he's already done it with someone else.

What does it look like?
Leighann visits the family's home twice a week for a one-on-one Tutoring session with the dog . They are 60 minutes long and can take place when the family is home or absent.

Training sessions are 60 minutes of private, in-home coaching for the family to learn how to advance and maintain the training Leighann has started. 

Length of the program depends on the family's goals and the dog's behavior. One week of the Program is $175.

Who is the Partnership Program for?

  • Busy Families. Many families are upset by their dog's behavior, but they're also concerned about having enough time to do the training themselves. While Tutoring can never replace the distinct advantage owners have with their dog, it can help accelerate the learning process.
  • Adolescents (6-18 months old).  With all the hormones coursing through their bodies, the adolescent (or teenage) phase can be one of the most difficult for dog and family.  Continued mental stimulation and learning is crucial to ease through this stage. 
  • High Needs Adults. Many of today's most popular breeds were originally designed to be working dogs.  Our contemporary lifestyles are in conflict with their innate needs, and it often results in behavior challenges.  Even rescues with a mixed background fall prey to this struggle.
  • Dogs With Behavior Struggles.  Sometimes behavior struggles require skills that the average owner hasn't acquired yet.  One-on-one time with a trainer can be very beneficial to overcoming the difficulties while giving the family extra time to grow their own skills.