Round Rock's In-Home Dog Trainer

Puppy in training looking calmly at her owner

The Trainer

Welcome! My name is Leighann, and I'm the human behind Koinonia.

Dogs have interested me since childhood, but without a family pet I had to get creative to be around them. In 2001, I began dog-sitting and in 2003 I transitioned to in-home, home-style boarding. Years of boarding have given me experience with many different sizes, ages, breeds and personalities. 

Training and behavior modification have also been long-time fascinations for me. In 2009 and 2010, I had the privilege of Foster Training for Service Dogs, Inc. Those months were pivotal stepping stones in my training career, and the private lessons I received from their staff of professionals launched me into the reward-based dog training world. Seven years later, I volunteered as a Puppy Raiser and spent three months getting an in-depth look at making puppies successful.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, singing with the Round Rock Community Choir, reading and watching suspense-filled TV dramas with my family.

Continuing Education and Completed Courses of Study:

  • June 2014: Assistance Dog Training for Professionals Workshop, Service Dogs, Inc.

  • April 2015: Real Solutions to Canine Behavior Problems, Pat Miller

  • June 2015: Pet First Aid and CPR Certification; Austin Pet First Aid

  • May 2016: Advanced Dog Training Topics, Ken Ramirez

  • July 2016: 4-Day SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy, Dr Ian Dunbar

  • February 2018: Sociability vs. Aggression in Dogs, Sue Sternberg

  • February 2019: The Hand in Paw Journey, Suzanne Clothier

The Philosphy

Koinonia uses reward-based training techniques for all dogs and problems. I believe this philosophy is more than than a way to train; it's a way to communicate and live successfully with dogs on a daily basis. My approach seeks to correct the cause of behavior problems (not just the symptoms) and prioritizes a dog's emotional well-being.

To read more details about my philosophy, check out these entries from the Koinonia blog:

The Name

"What's up with that name?" Glad you asked! Koinonia (koi-no-nee-uh) is Greek and speaks to the idea of fellowship and togetherness.

  • Communication is at the heart of my love of training. There is something beautiful about taking a dog with no shared vocabulary, and teaching him that certain words, signals, or scenarios mean specific things for his behavior.

  • I also cherish togetherness, and desire to see dogs and their families spending as much time together as possible. I advocate for training because I believe that well-behaved, well-socialized dogs enjoy richer lives spent with their families compared to their uneducated counter-parts.